A stunning tranquil oasis

Imagine if the ancient city of Babylon had thrived since 300 BC. Our creative vision is a modern-day interpretation of what this tranquil sanctuary might look and feel like today.

A Stunning Tranquil Oasis

Step inside and enter a private paradise that offers a sanctuary from the busy modern world.

Around every corner, a sense of discovery and wonder… light-filled living spaces, iridescent greenery throughout, and flowing waterways inspired by the ancient gardens of Babylon.

Offering timeless sophistication combined with cutting-edge technology and sustainable, modern materials, Babylon is a masterclass of architectural function, elegance and tranquility.

Artist Impression

A serene sanctuary

Once inside Babylon you'll feel the air and atmosphere change. Be drawn through gateways and pathways until you reach an inner sanctuary of interconnected natural stone courtyards and lush gardens.

Just like the original, our modern-day Babylon features water channels, fountain streams, and sprinklers to cool and revitalise the senses.

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Generous amenities to refresh and inspire

Your new residence is blessed with ongoing maintenance and management of gardens and grounds which are complemented by a series of beautiful communal spaces. Large public gardens, breakout sitting areas, water features, a large shared rooftop space, and BBQs abound the property.

Relax, rewind, and recharge in your shelter from the outside world across generous and unique spaces that truly redefine modern residential living.

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